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Understanding Galaxy Foes Interface

All the screens of the game are different but they all follow the same graphic structure to facilitate the usability of the application.

The most static section, which you will see on all the screens, is the Top Bar, where the status of your account is shown in real time, along with your resources and quick access to the most dynamic features of the game.

Top Bar

Galaxy Foes Top Bar

Account Status

The first thing that appears in the Top Bar, to the far left, determines the status of your account, that is the action that your hero is currently performing.
Remember that it is not possible to carry out more than one action in parallel, so you will have to wait for your hero to finish whatever he is doing to send him to do another task.

In most cases you will see, in addition to the action icon, the countdown of the time you have left to complete it.

The different states that this indicator can show are the following:

  • Galaxy Foes - Status - Idle Idle
  • Galaxy Foes - Status - Travelling Travelling
  • Galaxy Foes - Status - Battle Fighting
  • Galaxy Foes - Status - Dungeon In a Dungeon

Galaxy Foes - Claim more resources Claim More Resources

The more you play Galaxy Foes, the more resources you will spend. To perform each action in the game it’s necessary to invest some resources.
In itself, each day, the game gives to players a certain amount of resources so they can play for a few hours. This time will vary depending on the resource management capacity of each player.

But if these daily resources are still not enough, through this button you can access the screen to request more resources in exchange for watching an advertisement.
Our intention is that ads don’t affect the experience in the game. For this reason, we have developed this functionality where players can claim a limited number of resources by proactively watching videos. For us, in this case, the word “limited” is very important as it will only be possible to see a certain amount of ads per day, ensuring that all players have the same chances to succeed in the game.

Premium players, on the other hand, will receive this same amount of resources without having to watch the videos. The same resources, but fewer actions to perform (no gameplay advantages).

Galaxy Foes - Gold Gold

You can use gold to buy in the store or as payment to perform actions such as:

  • Fight against the infinite tower
  • Enter a dungeon
  • Feed or merge pets
  • Enchant, disassemble and reforge equipment
  • Etc.

You can obtain gold by:

  • Watching a video
  • Fighting against monsters, dungeons and other players
  • Completing events
  • Beating the infinite tower
  • Selling items and equipments

Galaxy Foes - Gems Gems

Gems are rare and highly valuable resources that can be used to buy in the store or as payment to perform actions such as:

  • Fight against the infinite tower
  • Enter a dungeon
  • Feed or merge pets
  • Enchant, disassemble and reforge equipment
  • Etc.

You can obtain gems by:

  • Watching a video
  • Completing events
  • Beating the infinite tower

Galaxy Foes - Stamina Stamina

Stamina determines the number of times you can fight and recharges over time.

You can obtain stamina by:

  • Watching a video

Galaxy Foes - Energy Energy

Energy is the equivalent of your ship’s fuel and determines the number of travels (galaxy hops) you can do. This resource is also recharged over time.

You can obtain energy by:

  • Watching a video

Galaxy Foes - Chat Chat

Use the application chat to communicate with other players.

Visit a player’s profile from the Galaxy map and click “Send Message” to start a conversation with him/her.

Communication will be very important to be able to fight or defend together. It will also be very useful for defeating the fearsome final Boss of each Dungeon!

Read more about Chat screen.

Galaxy Foes - Mail Box Mail Box

Emails are vital elements of the game. From this screen you can access information on:

  • Battle reports: As you know, Galaxy Foes is not an interactive game when it comes to battle; As soon as your hero arrives in the fight, it will be generated automatically following the orders you have defined in the battle settings.
    Once the combat is over, you will receive an email with the battle report, where you will be able to see in detail what each fighter has done in each turn.
    You will also receive the battle report if any player has attacked you.
  • Completed Events: There are tons of events in the game that will give you rewards as soon as you complete them.
  • System Information: News, general information, successfully completed trips, etc. This information will also reach you in this email.

From the mail screen you can claim all your prizes!

Read more about Mail Box screen.

Galaxy Foes - Settings Settings

Through this page you will be able to configure the game (language, game design style, skin of your ship) and your personal information and access credentials; very important if at any time you need to recover your account or if you change your mobile device.

Galaxy Foes - Help Help

Click on this icon to get help on each screen of the game.

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