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author image by nonp2w | 0 Comments | March 3, 2022

Galaxy Foes launched

Galaxy Foes closed beta has been released!

We are pleased to announce that Galaxy Foes has finally launched as a closed beta for Android devices only. The public version of the game will be available once the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is finished.

After almost two years of development, we believe that game is at an optimum point for being launched as all of its core features have been implemented.

At this moment, Galaxy Foes is able to offer an incredible gaming experience for both those players who want to play alone and those who want to face other players.

The development architecture has been designed to allow Galaxy Foes to evolve both in functionality and in the size of the map and the number of users allowed. Defined randomization and self-expansion policies give the game endless possibilities, and give players a long and challenging journey to their destination.

Visit our Kickstarter campaign to access to the closed beta!

We will keep working to include new features and support for iOS devices.

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