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New updates are coming to Galaxy Foes!

Helloooo! The developers and designers of Galaxy Foes are still at work! You will find new game improvements on a monthly basis so that players can enjoy the experience of this 100% fair multiplayer competition. Additionally, we are now working on publicity as well as the expansion of NON P2W TECH on social networks. Visit the Galaxy Foes evaluation at El Jugón De Móvil!

by nonp2w
December 30, 2022

Galaxy Foes’ Kickstarter campaign is alive!

Hi everyone! We are very proud to announce that our KICKSTARTER CAMPAING for Galaxy Foes is now published, after 2 years of development! Galaxy Foes is a real-time MMORPG for Android and iOS with unique aesthetics and infinite odds in a self-expanding universe. We coded the app with Flutter and our backend services were coded in spring boot microservices and sockets on a very autoscalable architecture. It would make us very happy if you visit our campaign (where you can also download the EXCLUSIVE DEMO of the game) and give us some feedback! Link of our Kickstarter campaign:

by nonp2w
June 15, 2022

Galaxy Foes’ Kickstarter campaign almost ready!

Collaborate with us so that Galaxy Foes succeeds in the mobile application market! Hello! As you probably already know, about 2 years ago we started a personal project for developing an ambitious game for smartphones. Today, after much work and suffering, the time has come to present Galaxy Foes; a real-time MMORPG for Android and iOS with a unique aesthetic and infinite possibilities in a constantly expanding universe. The game is currently in beta version and in the midst of a general graphic design update. On Tuesday, June 07, we will publish the crowdsourcing campaign on Kickstarter, where you can…

by nonp2w
June 7, 2022

Galaxy Foes closed beta has been released!

Galaxy Foes closed beta has been released! We are pleased to announce that Galaxy Foes has finally launched as a closed beta for Android devices only. The public version of the game will be available once the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is finished. After almost two years of development, we believe that game is at an optimum point for being launched as all of its core features have been implemented. At this moment, Galaxy Foes is able to offer an incredible gaming experience for both those players who want to play alone and those who want to face other players.…

by nonp2w
March 3, 2022
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