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From NONP2W we assure that in none of our games is it possible to pay to win or to take advantage of other players.

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Tired of dying unjustly? Pay to win is over. Players can only lead our games thanks to their skills.


Maps, monsters, drops, objects... EVERYTHING is generated randomly in real time.

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All our games are MMO so you can be part of a community or fight against other players or clans.


New features, patches, and contests are continually being introduced.

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Galaxy Foes Game
Galaxy Foes
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Galaxy Foes Features

Explore the whole Universe

Discover new galaxies and everything they hide by traveling through a constantly growing Universe.

Collect Resources

Collect items, equipment and other resources by fighting against the environment and completing events.

Select your Heroes

Create up to three Heroes and customize their attributes depending on your needs.

Capture Monsters

Use a Trap against the monster you face to capture them and become part of your team!

Customize your Fight Units

Level up your Heroes and set define their attributes. Feed and Fuse your Pets to make them stronger.

Customize your Equipment

Buy, sell, enchant, dismantle and / or forge all your weapons and equipment to make unique and powerful builds.

Participate in Events

Gain extra resources by participating in daily / weekly / monthly or custom events like the Infinite Tower.

Reach the Void!

Fight versus other players to get a place in the Void, the Center of the Universe, where unique rewards are available.

Real Time Simulation

Like life itself, every action in the game requires time and resources. Make smart moves!

Large Journey

Galaxy Foes has no limits; the universe will automatically expand as players get closer to them, bringing new and bigger challenges.

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